Cicero's Life and Career

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What was Cicero's Full Name?
Marcus Tullius Cicero
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What year was Cicero Born in?
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Where was Cicero Born?
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Was Cicero a "Roman"?
No - He was self conscious about it
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How old was Cicero when he served in the army?
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What subject did Cicero study throughout his Education?
Philosophy, Law, Oratory, Literature, Later Greek
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Was Cicero's Family Patricians?
No - they where equestrians
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Who did Cicero Marry?
Terentia, age 27 in 79BC
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Why did Cicero and Terentia marry?
Convience, Wealth, Terentia's Patrician Background
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What did Plutarch Say about the Terentia?
"she took more interest in her husbands political affairs than she allowed him to take in household affairs"
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When did Cicero and Terentia divorce?
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Cicero had two children. What were they called?
Tullia, Marcus
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What year did Cicero's Daughter die? How?
45BC - Giving birth to a son
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Who did Cicero marry in 46BC?
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Why did the Marriage between Cicero and Publilia not last long?
She was not sympathetic to Cicero's grief for his daughter
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In what year did Cicero Defend Sextus Roscius?
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What had Roscius Been accused of?
Parricide - the murder of his father
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Where was Roscius the Elder Murdered?
The Pallacianian Baths - returning from a Party
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Who had Roscius the Elder had a long standing feud with?
Titus Capito and Titus Magnus
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What did Chrysogonus try to do?
Conspire with the two Rocsii to defraud Roscius the Younger of his Estate
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How was Roscius the Elder's estate put for Public Sale?
After his death, he was put on the Proscription List
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How much was Roscius the Elder's property Worth?
6,000,000 sesterces
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How much did Chrysogonus buy Roscius the Elder's Property For?
2000 sesterces
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Who did Cicero blame for the death of Roscius the Elder
Capito and Magnus
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The importance of the Roscius trial for Cicero was...
... it gave Cicero the chance to prove himself in the law courts
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The importance of Cicero's defence of Roscius meant...
... it showed that Cicero can make changes by being Couragious (by standing up to Sulla indirectly)
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What did the trial of Roscius show...
... that he had great oratory skills and that he can make the system of the law courts change
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Name one Motivation Cicero had for the Verres' trial.
Formal Request from his Proteges, case could win support in other provinces, and for his upcoming aedie election as well as increasing his dignitas
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Name one motivation Cicero had for the Verres' trial
Reveals corruption in the seante of Nobles supporting each other, bribery and Nepotism.
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Name one Motivation Cicero had for the Verres' trial
To beat hortensius, increasing his dignitas and fame
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Name One thing Cicero would like to change about the Corrupt Law Courts
Knights to be given ontrol of th courts beause they were never suspected of corruption whilst they were in charge
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What was different in the ways that Cicero handled the court Proceedings in the Verres' trial
Cicero changed the way he brought his witnesses forward by having everyone state their cse then making his point of what crime he would be examining and brinding foward witnesses to those particular crimes within the relating speech
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Name three of the Crimes Verres was being Procecuted for...
Stealing Money from his Provence, Sex Crimes, torturing and murdering Roman Citizens
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Name one thing that Cicero says that proves Verres was attempting to Bribe the Jury
"His hopes of salvation were based on his money and his money only"
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How many days did it take for Cicero to gather the evidence he needed in Sicily for the Verres' trial?
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What does Cicero openly tell Quintus Metellus?
That he is corrupt for trying to force any Sicilian Witnesses to support Verres'
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Why did Verres want to Postpone the trial?
Because there was a festival near when the judges would change over and the judges that were likely to be next he thought out be easy to bribe
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Name one obsticle Cicero had to face in the Verres' Trial
That Verres' defender, Hortensius, was being elected to the consulship the next year
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What did Curio do which Cicero uses against Verres' in the trial?
Prematurely congratulates Verres for his acquittal after Hortensius was elected consul for the following year
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Name one idiotic thing that Verres' does that secures his own fate?
Trying to bribe people with a basket with Sicilian Money
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When was Cicero Elected Consul
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Who was Cicero's co-consul?
Gaius Antonius Hybrida
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What did Cicero drive Catiline from the city with?
four vehment speeches
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What were the Catiline Orations an example of?
Cicero's outstanding rhetoric skills
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What did the Catiline Orations list?
Cataline and his followers' debaucheries, denouced catalines senatorial sympathizers as roguish and dissolute debtors
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When Cicero seized the letters from the Allobroges, who did they incriminate?
The five Conspirators
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Who managed to sway the senates judgement on the conspirators for a little while?
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Who rose to defend the 'Extreme Penalty' of the conspirators?
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What happened to the Conspirators in the end?
Cicero had them strangled
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What did Cicero earn when he suppressed the Catiline Conspiracy?
Pater Patriae
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What continued to scare Cicero after the Catiline Conspiracy?
in fear of trialor exile for having to put roman citizens to death without trial
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What was the Bona Dea Ceremony?
Each year the vestal virgins conducted a ceremony in the home of the current pontifex Maximus
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Who held the position of Pontifex Maximus in 62BC?
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Who were the excluded from the Bona Dea Ceremony
All Males humans and animals
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When Caesar was Absent from the Bona Dea Tradition in 62BC, who hosted the event?
His wife, Pompeia. However, Aurelia, Caesars Mother, took charge of the details
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What did Aurelia notice in the 62BC Bona Dea tradition?
a heavily clocked, tall women
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Who was the intruder guest in the Bona Dea Scandal?
Publius Clodius Pulcher
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What Rumours went around as to why Clodius was at the Bona Dea Ceremony?
Him and Pompeia were having an affair -- Caesar and her divorced
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