Aston (Lozells and Birchfield) - Cultural Mix

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  • diverse community with 70.6% of population being of an ethnic minority
    • 29.6% in Birmingham
  • many ethnic backgrounds live in the area
    • 49.6% Asian
    • 26% White British
    • 21.51% Black British
    • some Chinese
  • most prominent religion is Islam
    • 44.3% stating themselves as Muslim
  • Christianity second most prominent religion
    • 3.4% stating themselves as Christianity
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Attracting Ethnic Minorities

  • people prefer to live close to others of the same background, religion and who speak the same language
  • people like to live near services that are important to their culture
    • places of worship
    • people of the same background live in the same area
  • people from same ethnic background often restriced in same way
    • if there is a lack of money, they all live in the same area
  • Aston drastically changed in 1950s and 60s with immigration from the Commonwealth
    • easier for people to move in and out of the country
    • easier for ethnic population to build up
    • most immigrants from the Indian subcontinent
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Multicultural Support Strategy

  • by increasing housing prices, different ethnic minorities encouraged to move there
  • by decreasing number of people living in overcrowded accomodation encourages ethnic minorities to spread out and make areas more diverse
  • Education Action Zone
    • Community Outreach Family Support Service (COFSS) aims to help people make use of services such as health care
    • based in community centres, mosques and schools to be reached easily
    • work together with local people to create services to meet specific needs
  • New deals for communities
    • launched in 1999 to help struggling inner cities
    • Aston identified as one of the most deprived areas in the country
    • scheme set up called Aston Pride
    • there are three key areas
      • health and regeneration
      • employment and business
      • education and lifelong learning
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