Urban issues 2- Richer world


Birmingham's CBD-

  • Used to be a manufacturing centre (engineering and jewellery).
  • by 1980 most of this industry was gone as cheaper goods were being made abroad, this has an effect on the economy of the CBD.
  • The Bullring used to be rundown and less people spent money there. 

What birmingham did:

  • The Bullring was redeveloped and reopened in 2003
  • Now has more then 140 major shops including a Selfridges store.
  • Designs were attractive to bring in visitors from the outside.

Brindley Place-

  • was an area of old warehouses by the canal.
  • a £400 million project transformed it into a modern pedestrain zone of aparments/houses/offices/hotels/restaurants/cafes.
  • Nearby attractions- National Indoor arena + Sea Life Centre.

-Traditional shopping streets have been pedestrainised.



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