Aston (Lozells and Birchfield) - Housing

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  • lies to the North East of the Birmingham City Centre
  • identified as one of the 39 most deprived inner city areas in the country
  • in the early 1980's Aston was suffering from severe deprivation and many buildings were lacking from decay as a result of lack of maintenance
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Lozells and Birchfield Housing

  • neighbourhoods in the north-west of Aston
  • housing in these areas is being redeveloped as part of the government-funded Urban living Scheme
    • set up in 2000 to try and improe the quality of life for inner city residents
  • some buildings in South Lozells, particularly small, unpopular Victorian terraced houses were demolished and replaced
    • split into individual bedsit flats originally, now converted into large family homes
  • to improve security and public spaces, a 'target hardening' community safety project has been delivered in partnership with other schemes
  • in Birchfield, tower blocks have been demolished to create space for a new mixed residential development which includes affordable housing for families
  • improved housing has raised the image of the areaa and encouraged more families to live there
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Aston Pride

Scheme set up in Aston, covers three key areas

  • Health and Regeneration
    • £400,000 spent setting up the Aston Pride Community Health Centre
  • Employment and Business
    • local young people given help to enter the world of work, through a work-experience programme and a dedicated guidance team
  • Education and Life Long Learning
    • broadband centres set up to give local people Internet access
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