AS History Unit 2 How to Answer Parts A and B

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Part A rules

1) Use all sources as a set- link/reference the sources (support/challenge)

2) Begin each paragraph by linking sources and quote from the sources (key words/phrases)

3) Introduction, not nessecary, though- identify each source's position

4) Consider each aspect of NOPAL (Nature, Origin, Purpose, Audience and Language) for each source

5) Only own knowledge for the provenance

6) The conclusion- summarise sources/weight/reliability

20 marks and 30 mins

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Part B rules

40 marks, 50 mins

24 marks for own knowledge and 18 marks on other

1)Introduction: Judgement on question, summarise the position of sources

2) Must use as a set- reference/disagree/agree

3)@ start of each paragraph link sources- EXPAND with own knowledge 

Specifics- dates, common themes of the time, people, reports and government involvement

4) Integrated provenance only for primary sources where it helps to understand the sources

5) Conclusion- summary, includes your final judgement

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