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History of
the United
States from
1918 1945

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During most of the 1920s, the United States enjoyed a period of sustained prosperity.
Despite overall prosperity, remained depressed and coal mining was shrinking as oil
became the main energy source. Otherwise most sectors prospered. Prices were
stable, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew steadily until 1929, when the…

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191819 The End of the War and the start of the
In November 1918 the Germans surrendered before they were ultimately defeated on
the battlefield. The Germans were hoping for a fair settlement based upon the principles
that Wilson had proposed in January 1918 his Fourteen Points.

1. No…

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When Wilson travelled to Europe to take part in the Post War Peace Conference
outside Paris, he was met by huge crowds as a hero.

`Like Jesus Christ, President Wilson brings good news above all to the small and the
weak. To the humiliated he gives the ideas of equality.…

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new. For the old world, war was an opportunity for gain, for Wilson, it was an opportunity
to build a better future. This does not mean that Wilson was correct, as he ignored the
real issues on the ground in Europe. Clemenceau noted this
"What ignorance he had of Europe…

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Wilson travelled the country making his argument
`This nation went to war to see it through to the end, and the end has not come yet.
This is the beginning, not of the war, but of the processes which are going to render a
war like this impossible. It is…

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may call me selfish if you like, but an American I was born and an American I have
remained all my life. I have always loved one flag and cannot share that flag with a
mongrel banner created for a League of Nations. The United States is the world's

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Pandemic of flu 1918 ­ 19
The menace of communism following the Russian Revolution.
The returning veterans finding it hard to find work.
The mass migration of black people to the north in search of work.
Despite the wish for isolationism, American foreign policy in this period is not one…

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The Failure to join the League of Nations ­ America rejected Wilson's idea
of international peace being reliant on American involvement.

A make shift hospital for influenza.

The legacy of WW1 was such that the USA did not want to be involved in the affairs of
the rest of the…

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In 1921 Washington hosted the first of the great post war Disarmament
Conferences. The Secretary of State, Charles Evan Hughes invited delegates from the
UK, France, Japan and Italy to discuss issues of the balance of power and
disarmament in Asia. The powers agreed to limit their ships for the…


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