Anaerobic Training


What is it?

anaerobic training occurs at an intensity that is too high for the body to work aerobically - the energy demand is faster than the body can prodouce it 

  • anaerobic endurance refers to the ability to work at a high intensity repeatedly 
  • anaeorbic threshold: the intensity at which anaerobic system becomes dominant energy provider
  • lactate threshold: intesnity at which lactic acid begins to accumulate in the blood as it is produced faster than it is removed
  • OBLA - onset of blood lactate accumulation occurs at 4mmol
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  • increased capacity to utilise and remove lactic acid
  • increased enzymes which break lactic acid down into pyruivc acid
  • increased tolerance to greater levels of lactic acid
  • increased ventricular myocardium thickness (muscular heart tissue)
  • increased ventricular contractile force
  • increased stroke volume
  • cardiac hypertrophy
  • myofibril hypertrophy
  • increased muscle mass
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