A2 ICT - Topic 7: Management of Change

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Consequences of Change

The Skills Required and not Required:

- New ICT systems require a knowledge of new skills

- Training will be needed

- Number of skilled jobs increase but less skilled jobs decrease

- Jobs which have disappeared -> Typist, filing clerk and internal post clerk

Changes in Work Patterns:

- Lots of organisations operate in global markets (24 hours a day)

- Part-time work and work outside of the office is now available (partners may not see each other)

Changes to Internal Procedures:

- Staff are asked now to take on more responsibility and stress can be caused unless staff are trained on how to deal with the changes

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Consequences of Change Continued...

Effects on the Workforce (Fear of Change):

- Fear of redundancy

- Fear of reduction in status and job satisfaction

- Fear of looking stupid and being ridiculed by younger members of staff

- Fear of changes in location

Overcoming the Resistance to New ICT Systems

- All staff should be thoroughly trained to deal with the new system

- Social groups should be kept together to ensure that they work better as a team

- The management should be happy to accept criticisms of the new system and act upon them as soon as possible

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