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This is a revision guide, particularly for JCC students studying ICT with Mr Moore!

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1 ­ Telecommunications & ICT
Learning Objectives
Describe the use of telecommunication and information technology in telephone systems
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. . .
Read the links here and here and think about all of the technology involved in communication in the
film star wars (or any other sci fi film).
List this technology and think about whether this technology would be possible today. What do we
have that is similar? Will this be possible in the future? Does it exist now?
Task One
Using the link on the right hand side and any other resources you can find make notes on the
following questions:
What is voice mail? How does it work? What facilities does it provide?
What would voice mail have looked like 20 years ago?
How does a telephone menu system work?
What does VoIP stand for? Describe how this might be used.
Voicemail is a new facility on landline and mobile telephones where someone can leave an audio
message for someone else when they are not present to answer the phone. The message is
stored within the telephone system and can be played back, deleted and saved whenever the
number for voicemail is called. This is normally 1571. The facilities of voicemail include the
storage of many messages and the deletion of messages either all in one go or individually.
Voicemail would only have been in the early stages of development 20 years ago and ICT has
advanced since them.
Most companies use an audio menu system for handling incoming calls. This involves a number
of levels where buttons on the keypad need to be pressed in order for the company to deal
with the enquiry. For example, press 1 for accounts, 2 for customer service and 3 to speak to
an operator.
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is used in interactive systems. This is able to
convert spoken words into binary data (1s and 0s) and transfer them over the Internet.

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Task Two
Draw a telephone menu structure for John Cleveland College that would be more efficient than the
current one.…read more

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­ Banking & ICT
Learning Objectives
Describe the use of ICT in banking.
Task One
Choose TWO of the following topics (at the bottom) and research how ICT is used in these areas.
Be ready to feedback what you have found out to the rest of the class next lesson. Your
research should follow the following pattern:
o A description of the item and the process that you have chosen.…read more

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Task Two
1.) Describe two transactions that can take place at an ATM
Cash can be withdrawn from your account.
Statements can be requested and printed out.
2.) Describe the difference between a debit and a credit card.
A debit card is where the money is taken out of your account straightaway.
A credit card is where the money is lent to the person and it has to be paid back.
3.…read more

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­ GPS and Satellite Communications
Learning Objectives
- Describe how ICT is used in global positioning systems and satellite communications
Task One…read more

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Using the GPS links in resources (on the right hand side) answer these questions:
Describe one problem with relying on GPS data to track stolen vehicles.
The signals can be blocked. Relying on GPS data to track stolen vehicles can cause some problems
because the GPS system may not have every single piece of information required to track the
- Describe the potential consequences of a GPS satellite failure
If the GPS satellite fails, there is little or no backup available.…read more

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o NASA - GPS.mp4
Satellite Communications
o Making a Phone Call via Satellite.doc
o SATELLITE.…read more

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­ Weather Forecasting
Learning Objectives
- Describe how ICT is used in weather forecasting
Task One
One main use of ICT in weather forecasting is data collection.
1.) How can ICT aid recording the temperature at hundreds of remote locations around the world at
regular intervals?
2.) What is an anemometer? How does it record data? What units would it measure in?
An anemometer measures the wind speed and pressure for the atmosphere.
3.…read more

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Task Three
Using the link to the BBC weather forecast for the Hinckley area and any other resources that you
can find, describe how ICT aids in the distribution and delivery of a weather forecast.
Think about the ICT involved in a TV broadcast and how the public might be able to get a more
localised forecast if they so wished.…read more

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