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1 ­ Telecommunications & ICT

Learning Objectives

Describe the use of telecommunication and information technology in telephone systems
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. . .

Read the links here and here and think about all of the technology involved in communication in the
film star…

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Task Two

Draw a telephone menu structure for John Cleveland College that would be more efficient than the
current one. What features will yours provide?
Press 1 for Student Absences
Tutor Group
Why absent?
Press 2 for Staff Absences
Why absent?
Press 3 to speak to Reception…

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2 ­ Banking & ICT

Learning Objectives

Describe the use of ICT in banking.
Task One

Choose TWO of the following topics (at the bottom) and research how ICT is used in these areas.
Be ready to feedback what you have found out to the rest of the…

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Task Two

1.) Describe two transactions that can take place at an ATM
Cash can be withdrawn from your account.
Statements can be requested and printed out.
2.) Describe the difference between a debit and a credit card.
A debit card is where the money is taken out of your…

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3 ­ GPS and Satellite Communications

Learning Objectives

- Describe how ICT is used in global positioning systems and satellite communications

Task One

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Using the GPS links in resources (on the right hand side) answer these questions:
Describe one problem with relying on GPS data to track stolen vehicles.
The signals can be blocked. Relying on GPS data to track stolen vehicles can cause some problems
because the GPS system may not have…

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o NASA - GPS.mp4

Satellite Communications

o Making a Phone Call via Satellite.doc

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4 ­ Weather Forecasting

Learning Objectives

- Describe how ICT is used in weather forecasting

Task One

One main use of ICT in weather forecasting is data collection.
1.) How can ICT aid recording the temperature at hundreds of remote locations around the world at
regular intervals?
2.) What is…

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Task Three

Using the link to the BBC weather forecast for the Hinckley area and any other resources that you
can find, describe how ICT aids in the distribution and delivery of a weather forecast.
Think about the ICT involved in a TV broadcast and how the public might be…

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It will be easier to deliver the training.
People are more engaged in the training.
It can be delivered more effectively.
It will bring an alternative method to a user guide, which is not used often.
5.) What are the limitations?

There may not be any facilities to install the…


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