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Didache says ''do not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb''

God decides when life is given and when life is taken ''God gives and God takes'' Job

Children are gifts from God, Jacbob refers to his children as 'gifts' from the Lord

''Love thy neighbour''

''but better off are those who have never been born'' - lesser of two evils

God told Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis to ''be fruitful and multiply''

''I knew you in womb'' Roman Catholic, life begins at conception

''Do not kill''

''Sanctity of life''

''You saw me before I was born'' Psalm 139:16

Punishment for woman being injured ''life for life'', punishment for unborn child being injured ''whatever the Husband decides''

Fertitlity Treatment

God decides when a woman should have a child ''God closed Emma's womb''

''do to others as you would have done to you'' - if you were depserate for a child

''love thy neighbour''

goes against ''natural law'', which means you have sex to create new life

goes against God's plan - they may be destined for a life of devotion to other Christian work

one of the Purpose of Marriage is 'procreation' - to have children

''be fruitful and multiply'' - God wants us to have children

Surrogacy - 7th commandment adultery, 3rd person is involved. No denomination agree. In contrast - OT, Sarah told Abraham to sleep with her servant in order to have a child and God approved.

IVF - embryos are discared. RC -> sanctity of life, 6th commandment murder.


RC againts --> sanctity of life

Job ''god creates and god takes''

''God gave Adam the breath of life''

Scientists are ''playing'' God

Some Christians agree with 'therapeutic cloning' because, as stewards of the Earth it is important to help others and to try and find cures


VOLUNTARY - someone asks for help to die, and then someone kills them

INVOLUNTARY - someone can't ask for help, they are in a coma etc. Family decides. Tony Bland.

ACTIVE EUTHANASIA - Lethal injection

PASSIVE EUTHANSIA - withdrawing treatment e.g antibiotics

ASSISTED SUICIDE - Someone wants to die and assist them with their suicide

RC - No, sanctity of life. Accept Double Effect - can be given pain relief even if the result is shortening the life. But must have time to receieve Last Rites etc

Some Christians believe that people suffer for a reason, and God is teaching them a lesson. Therefore to end the life would be to refuse God's lesson.

6th commandment - ''thou shalt not kill''

''love thy neighbour'' - lesser of the two evils

Putting Christian agape love into practice

Hospices (set up by Cicely Saunders in 1960s) better alternative, as we are told to ''look after the poor'' and so should show them compassion and let them die in dignity. ''Love thy neighbour''

''Do to others as you would have done to you'


6th commandment ''thou shall not murder'' - including ourselves



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