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Religious Studies ­ Key Concepts
Commitment ­ Making and keeping a promise,
such as Wedding Vows.
Chastity ­ Not having sex before marriage,
religions believe sex is sacred.
Conflict ­ Having an argument with another,
in marriage, leading too divorce.
Love ­ Deep affection for another,
shown using words or actions.
Reconciliation ­ Apologising for something,
religions may have reconciliation services.
Responsibilities ­ Duties you carry out,
looking after family.
Is it Fair?
Authority ­ Rights or powers over another,
the teachings of a priest from the bible.
Discrimination ­ Treating one differently because of their race or gender,
everyone part of the divine creation.
Equality ­ People treated the same,
god believes everyone is equal.
Identity ­ The personality or character of someone,
all are unique.
Injustice ­ Withholding ones human rights,
imprisonment without trial.
Prejudice ­ Someone is judged with no evidence,
treat others as you wish too be treated.

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Looking for meaning
God ­ Ultimate being above humans,
religious leaders.
Symbolism ­ Something with a bigger meaning,
religions use symbols to convey their beliefs.
Revelation ­ Something shown which was previously hidden,
these are important in the faiths.
Awe ­ Overwhelmed by gods presence.
portrayed by religions in many ways such as festivals.
Community ­ A group of people sharing an interest,
same religion or belief.…read more


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