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If a prevailing wind travels over a warm surface it will bring warm weather, whilst if it
travels over a cold surface it will bring cold weather.

Convectional rain happens when the surface of the earth is heated by the sun. The warm
surface heats the air above…

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A river flows fast downstream and hits a hard rock and a soft rock, the soft rock erodes. It
undercuts the hard rock and makes a plunge pool part of the hard rock falls off.

Quality of life is how happy you are. Standard of life is how rich you…

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Also they are given self help, this is where they are given money from the government and
they fix the problems themselves, sometimes they are given the materials.

Government can't get rid of shanty towns because they have not got alternative to give to
all the thousands of people living…

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Case studies

The south of Ghana had better transport and more tourists visit there. The north of Ghana
has unreliable rainfall patterns and has a lot of poverty. People who live in the urban area
earn more, so the quality of life of that person is much higher so is…


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