WJEC Geography Theme 2 Case Studies PowerPoint Revision quiz

Use this PowerPoint as a means of testing yourself on Geographical Case Studies featured in the WJEC course.

Press F5 in PowerPoint, then work your way through writing down the answers then marking them. See how you did. Skip the section (s) your not learning about.

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Geography PowerPoint
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Section A
Questions & Answers
16 AUGUST 2004
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Location & Background Information
1. Describe the location of Boscastle. (1
Boscastle is located on the north coast of Cornwall in
South West England.
2. Describe Boscastle geographically (2
sentences, valley etc)
Boscastle is at the base of a steep sided valley. The
village is heavily reliant on tourism to provide income
in the summer months especially.
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Causes of the flooding
1. Name a cause of the flood related to depressions
Rainfall was caused by a low pressure depression which had
crossed the Atlantic & caused the heavy frontal rainfall on the 15
& 16th August 2004
2. What was the rainfall also caused by? (g warming
Global warming also had an impact as it generally means that
there will be more rainfall in some areas of the UK at certain
times of the year.
3. Describe the lag time in that area.
The lag time around the Boscastle Area is very short.
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Effects of the flood
1. Bullet point some of the effects of the Boscastle
floods (include info on: property, tourism, cost of
· 120 people were airlifted in 4 hours. A total of 58 properties
were flooded.
· Property was destroyed by debris. Buildings were smashed.
· Boscastle's main industry is tourism ­ the town was in a way,
closed to tourists causing a massive loss of revenue.
· The Flood cost to the people of Boscastle was £50 million with
the loss of earnings from businesses & damage done to
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New river management
1. What was the cost of the new river management
scheme in Boscastle?
£7 million
2. Name two hard river management solutions that
were installed.
A larger culvert to divert water from main river channel.
Widening & straightening the river & lowering the riverbed. This
will speed up the discharge to carry more water more quickly.
3. Name one or two soft river management solutions.
Afforestation to provide interception and lengthen lag time.
A proposal by Environment Agency for strict limits on future
development around Boscastle.
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