Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?

Revision notes on the causes of the second world war.

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Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?


Abolish the TOV:
November Criminals.
Reminder of defeat.

Expand German Territory:
Lebensraum ­ wanted more living space for Germans.
Wanted Germany to unite with Austria.
Wanted German minorities in other countries e.g. Czechoslovakia to be united under one

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Spanish Civil War:
1936 ­ Civil war in Spain ­ Communists against rebels ­ opportunity to fight communism and
test armed forces.
1937 ­ Germany bombed civilians in Spanish populations ­ League couldn't help.
Destruction of Guernica was the worst.
World horrified at Hitler's actions.

Anti-Comintern Pact:
1936 ­ Japan…

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Everyone sees that Hitler can't be trusted ­ tell Hitler that if he invades Poland they will go to
war ­ years of Appeasement so doesn't believe them.

Nazi-Soviet Pact:
Not convinced that GB and France were strong enough allies against Hitler.
Wanted large sections of Eastern Poland and…

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Economic problems:
Suffering from the depression.
Large debts and huge unemployment.
Higher priority.
Must not repeat horrors of the Great War:
Wanted to avoid war at any cost.
Not ready for war:
Outdated weapons.
Armed forces not ready.

What was wrong with Appeasement?
Encouraged Hitler to be aggressive:
Each time…


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