Why had international peace collapsed by 1939

Notes for an essay.Directly relevant to question (i.e. doesn't describe events like the Saar plebiscite, only says why it contributed to war) Info used from http://www.johndclare.net and textbook. 

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Why had international peace collapsed
by 1939?
1. The Treaty of Versailles
The victorious nations later realised the unfairness of the Treaty, making them feel guilty and
giving rise to the policy of appeasement.
The harsh terms of the Treaty simply made Hitler's early aggression look justified so no one…

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Rewarded with Austrian soldiers, weapons and rich deposits of gold and iron.
The Sudetenland and the Munich Agreement 28 September 1938
Convinced Hitler that Chamberlain and Daladier wouldn't do anything to stop him.
Convinced Stalin that Britain and France were not to be trusted.
First time Hitler invaded land not…


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