Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Edexcel Government and Politics Ideologies Unit 3 revision

An interactive game for revising Unit 3 Edexcel Government and Politics. Contains Liberalism, Socialism, Anarchism and Conservatism questions. All animations work :)

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Karl Marx was born in which country?
France Germany
Britain Russia…read more

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Which of these is not a strand/(s) of
Anarcho- Egoism
Anarcho-Revisionists Mutualism…read more

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Who said "Power corrupts, absolute power
corrupts absolutely"?
Lord Acton Karl Marx
Abraham Lincoln Mikhail Bakunin…read more

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Which of these do liberals not fear?
Extremism Pluralism
Multiculturalism Ecologism…read more

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According to conservatives, what is human'
s most basic need?
Private Property Order and security
Individual rights Low taxes…read more

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I hate this....



It's rubbish

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