A2 Government and Politics GOV3A Revision Guide (AQA)

Essay plans with lots of evidence in table form for the most important past questions on the GOV3A exam.

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Assess the advantages and disadvantages of primaries and caucuses. (30 marks)

Point Evidence Significance Rebuttal
Primaries and The members of the electorate who turnout to primaries and Undermines pluralist
caucuses are caucuses are generally old, white, educated, affluent and democracy and may
disadvantageou ideological , therefore they are unrepresentative of…

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To what extent are national nominating conventions mere formalities? (30 marks)

Point Evidence Significance Rebuttal
Convention The large media focus on the candidates in the 3 or 4 day Can influence the
s are not "jamboree" is good publicity for their campaign. results of the election.
mere o In 2008,…

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rejected his suggestion to replace its antiabortion policy
with a "declaration of tolerance".
o In May 2014, the Nevada state convention voted to
remove opposition to samesex marriage and abortion
from the Nevada Republican Party Platform, even though
the 2012 Republican National Party Platform was firmly
opposed to samesex marriage…

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size , which is Redistricting also leads to fairness because states which alienation of less on population size, but it only
fair. grow in population are rewarded by more electors or educated voters from has 55.
with less as their population falls. the political process.

It could be Only two…

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o 2008 Presidential Election ­ Obama refused public funding This may
and raised $745 million during the primaries/election, increase apathy
whereas his opponent John McCain accepted public funding and decrease
so only got $84.1 million in the election. participation.
o 2012 Presidential Election ­ Obama and Mitt Romney both

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Assess the advantages and disadvantages of direct democracy (referendums, initiatives/propositions and recall
elections) in the USA. (30 marks)

Point Evidence Significance Rebuttal
Direct Referendums and initiatives/propositions. Highly democratic .
democracy is o In 2012, there were 115 referendums and 42 More in line with the idea of
positive initiatives/propositions .…

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To what extent are parties organisationally weak? (30 marks)

Point Evidence Significanc Rebuttal
Parties are Weak parties are inevitable in the US political system. Could be
organisationall o America's size and diversity means that parties need to meet the needs of the varying upholding the
y weak demographics in…

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o The 2010 midterms were dominated by Republican opposition to Obama's economic therefore the
stimulus (2009) and Obamacare (2010). views of the
electorate may
be less
represented .




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