Weimar Republic Chancellors

Simple list of the 16 Chancellors of Weimar Germany from Erbert after the abdication of theKaiser in 1918, to Adolt Hitler in 1933. It's just the dates and the party the Chancellor belonged to, nothing detailed, hope it helpsillistrate the turbulance of power in Post ww1 Germany.  sorry for any misspellings!

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Leadership in Weimar Germany
Chancellors Name: Date In: Date Out: Party: Notable Actions:
Friedrict Erbert 9th November 1918 11Th February 1919 SDP President from 11th Feb 1919-28th
Feb 1925
Philip Scheidemann 13th February 1919 20th June 1919 SPD Left Germany in 1933 to get away
from Nazi rule
Gustav Bauer 21st June 1919 26th March 1920 SPD Called for the strike that ended
Kapp Putch
Herman Muller 27th March 1920 21st June 1920 SPD One of Germany's signatories at the
Treaty of Versailles
Constantin Fehrenbach 21st June 1920 10th May 1921 Centre Party Lead the Germany Delegation in
Treaty of Versailles.
Joseph Wirth 10th May 1921 14th November 1922 Catholic Centre Party In a famous speech he argued "the
enemy on the right"....
Wilhelm Cuno 22nd November 1922 12th August 1923 Non-party Ordered the printing of money that
lead to hyperinflation
Gustav Stresemann 13th August 1923 23rd November 1923 Germany People's Party Successful in dealing with Ruhr and
Wilhelm Marx 30th November 1923 15th January 1925 Centre Party Germany's economy stabilised and
Joined League of Nations.
Hans Luther 15th January 1925 12th May 1926 Non-Party Stressed Hitter's "peaceful
intentions" in US Uni's in 1933.
Wilhelm Marx 17th May 1926 12th June 1928 Centre Party Defeated by Hindenburg for
Presidential Elections.
Herman Muller 28th June 1928 27th Match 1930 SPD Critical of USSR, but did not support
the Allied blockade of her
Heinrich Bruning 30th March 1930 30th May 1932 Centre Party Longest serving chancellor in a
continual office.
Franz von Papen 1st June 1932 17th November 1932 Centre party Battled with Hitler over
Kurt von Scheicher 3rd December 1932 28th January 1933 Non-Party Saw the NSDAP as protection
against the communists.
Adolf Hitler 30h January 1933 30th April 1945 NSDAP (Nazi) Ended the Weimar Republic and
created the Third Reich


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