History - The Rise of the Nazis

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Hitler's Background

Adolf Hitler is not German, but Austrian. He was a failed artist in Austria, so he moved to Germany and fought for them during WWI. He became a Coporal and he won an iron cross. The war changed many of his attitudes and her saw the end of the war as a disaster. Atfer the war he joined the National Socialist Deutshcland Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler didn't found the party put soon rose to become leader due to his rhetorical skills. 

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1923 Germany

The Munich Beer Hall Putsch This was an event organised by Adolf Hitler in 1923. 200 Nazis tried to overthrow the crisis-stricken Weimar Republic. They were quickly quashed and Hitler was arrested. During his 6 month prison spell, he wrote his controversial book Mein Kampf.

The Ruhr Crisis Germany's industrial heartland was occupied by French and Belgium troops due to the non-payment of reparations. As Germany had no military power, the workers were told to go on strike so the French would have to transport all goods themselves. This meant Germany was producing no profits to pay workers so they printed more money leading to....

Hyper-Inflation This was caused by Germany's money printing but the inflation got out of hand and it went up by 1000s of %. Wages were paid in wheelbarrows. The money printing was done in billions of Reichmarks instead of single Reichmarks. The elderly/retired/disabled were in trouble because they weren't earning money, the middle class and upper class also lost faith in the Weimar Republic. However, Germany was able to pay off all of its interior debts. 

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Nazi Strengths


Hitler had a dark form of charisma. He was a very good public speaker because he spoke with emotion and directly addressed the audience. He also told people what they wanted to hear which was a way of garnering more popularity. He blamed other people, such as using the Jews as scapegoats. He also used warm-up acts so the crowd got focused on what was to occur.

Nazi Propaganda

The Nazi propaganda focused on making the general public think that they were part of a master race who deserved to be there and were chosen by God. The propaganda machine told the public what to feel and how to act. It also kept the public under control. 

The SA

The SA were the secret police of the Nazi regime. They would eliminate political opponents and were a specialised taskforce to quell any opposition. They originated from the specialised WWI stormtroopers

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