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Timeline of Events: Germany 19001945

1900 Jun Second German Naval Law introduced
October Bülow becomes Chancellor
1902 Dec Tariff Law introduced
1903 Sickness Insurance Law gives greater help to sick workers
1904 Herero uprising begins in German South West Africa
1905 Mar First Moroccan Crisis
1906 Dec Parliamentary Crisis leads…

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NSDAP founded
National Assembly (Election)
Feb Ebert chosen as President
Jun German Government accept ToV
Jul Weimar Constitution Adopted

1920 Feb NSDAP publish 25 Point programme
Mar Kapp Putsch
1921 May Germany accepts reparation terms
Jul Hitler becomes chairman of NSDAP
Aug Erzberger assassinated
1922 Jun Political assassination of Rathenau…

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Nov Papen resigns as Chancellor and is replaced by Schleicher
NSDAP lose votes after Hitler is refused Chancellorship


1933 Jan Hitler is appointed Chancellor
Feb Reichstag Fire
Mar Nazis win 44% of the vote. Enabling Act gives Hitler dictatorial power
May Nazi Book Burning Rally…

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May Germany invades Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg
Jun France Invaded
1941 Jun Germany invades the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa
Aug Bishop von Galen publically challenges the T4 programme
Oct Deportation of the Jews
Dec Germany declares war on the US
1942 Jan Wannsee Conference where Heydrich and other leading…




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