Weather And Climate Revision List

The full revision list of stuff that you need to know for the weather and climate section of the Geog 3, Contemporary Geographical Issues Exam.

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Weather and Climate and Associated Hazards
Major climate controls
The structure of the atmosphere
Learn the 4 distinct layers and know the weather patterns in each
Learn the composition of the atmosphere
The atmospheric heat budget
Understand how the earth's heat budget works
Understand the effects of seasonality
The general atmospheric circulation
Understand what makes air move at different locations across the earth
o Tri-cellular model ­ Polar, Ferrel and Hadley cells
o High and low pressure and convective currents
o Coriolis force and the deflection of winds
o High and low pressure belts
o Winds ­ trade, westerlies etc, jet streams and Rossby waves
o Link to location of biomes
Planetary surface winds
High and low pressure
Trade winds, westerlies etc, jet streams and Rossby waves
Coriolis force
Latitude and Altitude and factors affecting temperature
Diurnal temperature variation
Specific heat capacity
Length of day and night / seasons ­ equinox and solstice
Winds and prevailing winds
Cloud cover
Short and long wave radiation (insolation)
Human activity
Oceanic circulation
Ocean currents
Thermo-haline conveyor
El Nino / La Nina (optional)
We also looked at the following factors ­ THIS IS NOT ON THE SYLLABUS but does help with
your understanding
Adiabatic cooling
Lapse rates
Air stability
Temperature inversions
The climate of the British Isles
Basic climatic characteristics: temperature, precipitation and wind
Air masses affecting the British Isles
Origin and nature of depressions

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Weather changes associated with the passage of a depression
o Characteristics in each sector and at the fronts
o What a depression looks like on a satellite photo
o What a depression looks like on a synoptic chart
o Case Study: Cumbria floods and 1987 storm
Origin and nature of anticyclones
o Origin
o Characteristics
o What anticyclones look like on a satellite photo
o What anticyclones look like on a synoptic chart
o Associated weather conditions in winter and summer
o Case study: Heat…read more

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Mitigation vs Adaptation
o Case Studies: we looked at lots of examples such as UK, Brazil, China...…read more


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