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Plate Tectonics and associated
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Structure of the earth…read more

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Structure of the earth
Lithosphere- The crust and the upper
section of the mantle. It is divided
into 7 large plates and smaller ones The mantle-
-Largely composed of
Asthenosphere- The silicate rock rich in iron and
section of the mantle magnesium
under the lithosphere. It -Most of the mantle is semi-
is formed of molten molten
rock on which the -Temperatures near 5000c
plates float -These temperatures create
convection currents
The core-
-Densest part of the planet
The crust- -Made of rocks in Iron and
-The thinnest layer which Nickel
has the coolest, least -Outer core is semi-molten
dense rocks -Solid inner core over 6000c
-Rocks are rich in silicon, -The inner core is about 2.5
oxygen, aluminium, km wide
potassium and sodium -The outer core is abut
-There are 2 crust types 2,200km thick
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Types of crust
· Oceanic crust
­ 6-10km thick
­ Dense
­ Young
­ Made of mainly basalt
­ Can be destroyed or made
· Continental crust
­ 30-70km thick
­ Light
­ Old
­ Made of mainly basalt…read more

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Plates of the world…read more

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Why do plates move?
Convection current…read more

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