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Weather the day to day changes in the state of the atmosphere. Effected by temperature, precipitation, wind
(Speed and direction), cloud cover and pressure
Climate average weather conditions over a longer period of time 30 years to create a rolling average
Atmosphere the gaseous envelope that surrounds a celestial body.…

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3) Earths atmosphere blanket effect absorbs and reflects radiation.
Climate change increased amount of pollution particles in the atmosphere increasing
amounts of reradiation which causes a warming effect
Local factors
1) Aspect time of year alters the angle at which the sun strikes the earth. depends on the latitude as…

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Slow moving system and may remain stationary for many days or weeks blocking anticyclone stops other forms
of weather systems
Falling air produces a decrease in the relative humidity which leads to a lack of cloud development and dry
winter = dry and freezing, summer = hot and dry…

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in 15 years 165 million people will be living under water stress 40% living on less than
half the recommended levels
hydroelectric power effected
lack of water availability increased by sea levels rising and flooding lowlying coastal
· changes in the ocean circulation in the past changes to the…

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buildings and tarmac are dark surfaces which absorb more heat during the day which is retained and
then slowly released at night
windows and multistory buildings reflect the heat downwards concentrating the heating effect
heat comes from buildings and vehicles which burn fuel
high population people emit heat
air pollution…


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