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Geography Revision
Unit 1 ­ Weather and Climate
The Climate within the UK
There are FIVE main reasons for the changing/fluctuating temperature in the UK. You will
need to memorise each of them by heart!

Okay, the depressing part of the GCSE is the "depressions".

1) They form in…

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7) A cold front is the front edge of the moving cold air.

These are almost the opposite of a depression. They cause clear skies and dry weather.

1) These also form in the Atlantic Ocean and move east over the UK.
2) These create high pressure as the…

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Climate change is any change in the weather of an area over a long period. Global warming
is the increase in global temperature over the last century.

1) Global temperature has been measured using thermometers for the last 150 years.
During the last 100 years, average global temperature has risen…

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Tropical Storms
Tropical storms create quite a lot of havoc. This is where the hurricanes come in. Most
people will be doing hurricane Katrina as an MEDC and Burma as an LEDC. Tropical storms
are called a variety of things such as hurricanes or typhoons, but they are all basically…


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