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Waste management in Dudley
Sophie Lewis, Tash Coley & Kate…read more

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Waste management hierarchy
· Prevention is most favoured but it is harder
to do and disposal is least favoured because
it is easiest but takes longer to get rid of…read more

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Reduce, reuse, recycle
· Reducing the amount you buy to start with
Reduce to stop the waste of food
· Many items can be used for different
things including carrier bags envelopes,
Reuse glass pots
· Glass, paper and cardboard can be recycled
Recycle at recycling points and house collections…read more

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Dudley waste management
· To provide a sustainable, integrated waste
management strategy whilst maximising the
benefits from waste.
· To minimise the production of waste and
through recycling maximise the reuse of
materials through viable operations and
markets.…read more

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About Dudley's waste
· Each year the Council deals with 120,000 tonnes of
controlled waste, the vast majority of which is from
· In treating its waste, the Council's strategy for the
future will concentrate on recovering benefit from the
· This will stem from an integrated waste strategy
employing incineration with energy recovery, recycling
and composting, with an emphasis on minimising waste
· The provision of over 100 recycling sites across the
borough has been achieved through agreement with a
range of organisations who allow the sites on their land
and who support recycling initiatives.…read more

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Dudley's rubbish collection
· Dudley Council operates a kerbside black sack
collection service for the disposal of general
non-recyclable waste.
· They will collect your household waste on the
same day each week including the spring and
summer bank holidays.
· Dudley council give you a years supply of black
bags in which you can only put out 3 bags of
rubbish per household per week or you use
your different coloured bins…read more


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