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Contemporary sustainability
issues in urban areas
Waste Management…read more

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Waste management and recycling in
· To ensure sustainability cities must manage
waste efficiently
· The aim of waste management is to extract
the maximum practical benefits from products
and to generate the minimum amount of
· The waste hierarchy is the cornerstone of
most waste minimisation strategies…read more

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Waste management hierarchy
The concept lays out the order in which options for waste management should be
considered preferable in terms of their environmental impact.…read more

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Political aspects of waste management
· EU and UK governments produce targets for
local authorities to reduce waste in landfill
· Local authorities must increase the amount of
waste recycled
· Fines are given if targets are not met
­ Some local authorities have considered fining
households for throwing away waste more than
average and rewarding those who throw away
less than average
­ However the press produced a large campaign
against this and it has diminished…read more

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Management strategies
· Strategies vary between regions because of
different waste types, amounts, area available
and land uses
· In London alone there are differences in the
amount of waste recycled…read more

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