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Explanation of human behaviour
Characteristics of human and social behaviour
We sometimes say that we carry out an action or behave 'instinctively'. Basically, 'instincts' are not
learned. They maybe inherited patterns of responses or reactions to certain types of stimuli, but
human beings have…

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against the law. Clearly, young children have only a limited grasp of right and wrong. In England the
law states that the age of criminal responsibility is ten, but this is contentious and the age is set
lower than in many European countries. Critics argue that ten is too young…

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The aim of the immediate postwar generation, many of whom had experienced the poverty of the
1930s, was security. In a sense, that was what marriage brought. During the Second World War
many more women than before worked and achieved some measure of economic independence.
They worked, though, while the…

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Perhaps such a picture was an overromanticised generalisation based on stereotypes. There
must have been many exceptions to this pattern of family life, but it did not seem the case at the
time, and reading books were based on the structure of the tightly drawn 'nuclear' family outlined
above. With…

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According to a 2007 report by the ONS, there were 17.1 million families of all types in the UK in
2006. Using detailed government data on family life, the report, titled Focus on Families, gave these
statistics for the period 19962006:
The number of marriedcouple families fell by 4% to…

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and our welfare state is more comprehensive, but Beveridge's 'five giants' -- want, squalor,
disease, ignorance and idleness -- are just as relevant.

A 2007 report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) placed the UK at the bottom of a
table that sought to assess the wellbeing of a…

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Politicians usually like to be seen as promoters of marriage, and even David Cameron, the
'modernising' leader of the Conservative Party, has made it clear that he is a traditionalist on the
subject of marriage. When addressing Conservatives, he referred to marriage as 'a great institution'
while emphasising his view…

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affordable childcare. Another problem is the reduction in the time that working mothers can devote
to their children. The reality, according to the pressure group One Parent Families, is that most lone
parents with older children are working. However, there are threats that lone parents may lose
some of their…

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Britain was near the bottom of the rankings for material wellbeing. When it came to the
proportion of children living in households where the income was less than 50% of the
national average, only the USA was below Britain.
British children did reasonably well on assessments of reading, maths and…

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that more liberal divorce laws undermine these goals. Critics say that our laws were framed in a
different age and that the reasons for marriage breakdown are complex. If couples try to maintain a
marriage that has effectively broken down this is not good for their physical or mental health…


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