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Beliefs, values and moral

Beliefs and their origins
Beliefs are based on personal thoughts and opinions, perhaps with reference to some form of
external authority or teaching. People have individual beliefs -- which might differ from those held
"by others -- and they may…

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newspapers, magazines and the internet all help to form just part of the world of global

Moral values and their origins

Commonly linked to beliefs are values, although in the latter we move towards morality and making
judgements about what we regard as being right and wrong. As we…

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protracted if sufferers go into a slow but irreversible decline, and that to allow this to continue is
also morally wrong. Such people would consider an 'assisted death' to be a 'mercy killing'.

The law did move a little in the case of Anthony Bland, a 17yearold left severely brain…

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category even though most requests are turned down. Nonadult euthanasia is also
permitted in the Netherlands.
'Assisted suicide' exists in Switzerland, where it can be practised by nonphysicians. Some
Britons, aided by the charity Dignitas, have travelled there to end their lives, although they
must first be seen by doctors…

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· A cure may be found for a particular illness.
· Goodquality palliative care is now available.
· The elderly may worry that someone wants them dead.
· It compromises the relationship between patients, carers and doctors,
· Relatives may suffer from guilt if they consent,
· As in Nazi…


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