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Examination and appreciation of
ideologies and values

We all have our own personal beliefs and values. As individuals we value our freedom but we also
have to accept that if everyone were completely free to do as they chose we might soon find
ourselves in…

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The rise of Hitler was accompanied by Nazism and the belief in a superrace, embodied in
handsome Germanic types with blue eyes and fair hair. In the Nazi state there was certainly no
thought of equality of opportunity, and some groups were discriminated against in the extreme
manner commonly referred…

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rarely shown a taste for these. Politics almost inevitably involves a measure of compromise.
Increasingly, the most successful politicians are often the most pragmatic.

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Unquestionably, in recent years the ideological differences between the two main parties have
narrowed -- so much so that an increasing number of voters find it difficult to distinguish between
the policies of the two main parties and to identify any distinctive form of ideology. The danger is
that disillusionment…

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Moral codes do not have the force of law but they are said to represent a shared value system.
Often these operate in fairly simple ways, summed up by the phrases 'doing good' or behaving as
a 'good citizen'. Other moral codes, which may also reflect religious beliefs and values,…

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yet many would judge their actions to be wrong, especially as, in extreme cases, their
actions have resulted in murder.
Ask the examiner
For religious reasons, I believe that abortion is wrong. Can I express this viewpoint?
Firmly held and sincere religious beliefs will always be respected, but questions about…

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the right to respect for private and family life
freedom of thought, conscience and religion
freedom of expression
freedom of assembly and association
the right to marry or form a civil partnership and start a family
the right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights and…

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Certain groups suffer from discrimination even though such actions are illegal. Women may
not receive the same pay as men for equal work members of ethnic minority groups maybe
discriminated against because of the colour of their skin homosexuals of either sex may be
discriminated against because of their sexual…

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perhaps in employment, because of the colour of their skin. Under the Act, it is an offence to
treat a person differently on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin.
Disability Discrimination Act. First passed in 1995, this Act set up the Disability Rights
Commission to…

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secure compensation.
Companies and individuals guilty of discrimination may get bad publicity and may have to pay
large fines.
People are much more aware of their rights and can get advice from trade unions, the
Citizen's Advice Bureau or antidiscriminatory bodies.
The move to a single commission will help to…


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