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An understanding and appreciation of the changing nature and
importance of culture
There is a danger that our views of culture might become stereotyped. One way of illustrating this is
the distinction that is sometimes made between 'high' (appreciated and understood by an
intellectual elite)…

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mainstream views. Graffiti tags for some people are the signatures of urban artists. For others they
simply represent another form of vandalism.

In recent years, a graffiti street artist called Banksy has achieved both fame and notoriety. His
identity remains a secret but it is believed that his name is…

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combined arts
interdisciplinary arts (recognising that artists sometimes work across boundaries)
visual arts
The lists are not exhaustive and 'sport' remains a controversial area, as many continue to see it as
a recreational, rather than an art, form.

The arts, however they might be defined, are…

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The Arts Council has an important role in planning for the future in the arts, not least for new, or
expanded, communities that are likely to emerge as the UK's population continues to grow. It states
that 'the arts have a major part to play in helping to galvanise community…

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significant votes in the arts. 'Cool Britannia' was a populist theme used soon after Labour returned
to power in 1997, but it quickly disappeared. Perhaps we need to see what results from Liverpool's
stint as European capital of culture in 2008.

Elites, although not numerically large, are powerful. They can…

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For politicians, whatever they may say about the importance of the arts in national life, there are
always conflicting spending priorities. Voters may express many preferences for what they would
like to see but tax rises are rarely one of them.

Viewpoint: The case for subsidised funding
enable the…

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There is a lot of debate about whether the public really cares that much about art but the success
of this appeal seems to answer the question in the affirmative. Critics of subsidised art suggest that
we value more the things that we pay for directly.

In 2007 the Conservative…

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and the examiner will not have a 'correct answer' in mind. Marks are awarded for the quality of your
arguments, and you may be asked to put the case both for and against subsidising the arts.

This does not mean that you should always 'sit on the fence' -- on…

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considerable). The new facilities will be available for national use at the end of the games and the
area of London concerned is in need of regeneration.

Examination Practice
Below is a typical source and question that might be used in Section B of the Unit 1 examination.

Many connected…

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The answer requires both use of information from the source and wider knowledge supplied
by the candidates themselves. Failure to use both will limit the marks available, usually to
Candidates must note the command word, `explain'. It is a matter of `giving reasons for' rather
than describing.
Students should…


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