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Everyone has to decide his or her own revision strategy, You can also keep track of your revision by ticking off
but it is essential to review your work, learn it and test each topic heading in the book. You may find it helpful…

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My revision planner

Unit 3B Introducing political ideologies
Revised Tested Exam
1 Liberalism ready

7 Core themes of liberalism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…

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Unit 4B Other ideological traditions
Revised Tested Exam
5 Nationalism and racialism ready

44Nationalism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…

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Countdown to my exams

6­8 weeks to go One week to go
l Start by looking at the specification -- make sure l Try to fit in at least one more timed practice of
you know exactly what material you need to an entire past paper and seek feedback from…

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8 Multiculturalism

The exam specification describes multiculturalism as `an `area' of Multiculturalism -- the policies or
ideological disagreement rather than, necessarily, a coherent ideology in processes whereby the distinctive
its own right'. These notes aim to outline and explain the different usages identities of the cultural groups
of the term…

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Origins and development of

8 Multiculturalism
Development Revised

l Multiculturalism first emerged as an ideological viewpoint in the
1960s' US black consciousness movement. It often took the form of
`ethnocultural nationalism' -- a form of nationalism with a particularly
proud sense of ethnic and cultural roots -- and it…

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Identity politics
8 Multiculturalism

Identity politics perceives people in terms of their cultural characteristics
Identity politics -- the pursuit of
and stresses the importance of factors such as language, religion and
group interests defined by collective
ethnicity in shaping personal and social identity. It may go as far as…

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l There are fears that it may also undermine social stability or political

8 Multiculturalism
unity. For both of these reasons, conservatives are generally hostile to Examiner's tip
multiculturalism because they believe that humans are psychologically Most essay answers should include,
insecure creatures who need a strong sense of common…

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Pluralist multiculturalism
8 Multiculturalism

Pluralist multiculturalism goes further than liberal multiculturalism in
accepting the equal validity and legitimacy of liberal, non-liberal and
illiberal ideas and values, though they may be incompatible or even
incomparable -- a moral pluralism which implies a `post-liberal' stance
Pluralism -- diverse and competing

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Critical perspectives on multiculturalism

8 Multiculturalism
Conservatism Revised

Conservatives believe that security-seeking individuals and a stable society
require cultural homogeneity. Multiculturalism is therefore a threat to Assimilation -- absorption of a
social cohesion and majority interests, and `diversity within unity' is a minority immigrant group and its
adoption of the…


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