Past Questions: Pressure Groups

Some answered, some not. This is a compilation of all the past paper questions (that were accessible at the time - there may be more now). Good source for practice questions without having to wade through the Edexcel website (which isn't very good...).

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Pressure Groups

ShortAnswer Questions (15)
Why do pressure groups seek to influence the Supreme Court, and what methods do
they use?
Effective veto (e.g. potential to veto Obamacare)
Has power to amend constitution, interpret laws
Less wealthy groups can make significant change without needing vast funds to lobby

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Founding Fathers ­ Madison warned about the danger of `factions'
Citizens United ­ creation of SuperPACs
Clearly an expensive industry over $30bn spent in lobbying since 1998
Wealthy get more say NRA outspends antigun pressure groups 3:1
Corporate lobbying seems to have effect Lockheed Martin were given $30bn of

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`Value' issues typically associated with pressure groups are often subordinated to
issues relating to the economy or foreign policy, which groups may seek to influence
but which they do not define
Influence of the Christian Right faded during the course of Bush's presidency
Agenda of Obama administration ­ dominated by…


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