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How and why have multiculturalists supported minority rights? (JAN 2010)
Minority rights are rights that belong to groups rather than individuals. They are sometimes seen as
`special' rights in that they are specific to the group in question and may therefore advantage
certain groups over other groups.…

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This answer provides well developed explanations of three multicultural positions on diversity, with one
position briefly described. It draws out some tensions between the different positions, which is
creditworthy. (14)

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Why have some multiculturalists criticised liberalism? (JAN 2011)

Pluralist multiculturalists have been critical of liberalism as a basis for ensuring cultural diversity. There
arguments have included the following:
Liberals tend to `absolutise' liberalism, in the sense that they have only been prepared to
endorse cultural beliefs and practices that are…

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generalised account of multiculturalism. However, most candidates were able to discuss how and why
multiculturalists link identity to culture and think in terms of group identities. In the most successful cases,
this allowed them to point out how celebrating a positive cultural identity is, for multiculturalists, a means of

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This is a very good response, which received 13 marks. What is particularly impressive is the clarity with
which identity politics is explained at the outset, and the way in which the issue of identity is kept in focus

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In what sense is multiculturalism a form of communitarianism? (JAN 2012)
Communitarianism is the belief that the self or person is constituted through the community, in the sense that
individuals are shaped by the communities to which they belong and thus owe them a debt of respect and
consideration. Multiculturalism…

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Liberal democracy provides the most reliable basis for political harmony within culturally divided

On what grounds have multiculturalists defended diversity? (JAN 2013)
Multiculturalists have defended cultural diversity on a number of grounds. These include the following:
Diversity provides the basis for cultural recognition, allowing people's cultural values and practices…

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liberal democracy.

`Multiculturalism breeds tension and social conflict.' Discuss. (JUNE 2010)
Multiculturalism is often criticised for breeding tension and social conflict. However, critics of
multiculturalism have argued this case in different ways depending on the political tradition from
which they come. On the other hand, multiculturalists strongly reject this view…

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Multiculturalists support diversity and the politics of difference for a number of reasons. These include the
Diversity is always balanced against unity, and indeed serves unity through the existence of multiple
Diversity guarantees cultural recognition and therefore counters isolation and powerlessness,
helping to advance the interests of minority…




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