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What is patriarchy, and why is this important in feminist analysis? (JAN 2010)
Patriarchy literally means rule by the father, and refers to the domination of the husband/father
within the family in the subordination of his wife and children. However, the term is usually used in

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This answer covers both aspects, explaining both the how ­ 'their personal is political', but also (eventually)
the why all women's oppression emanates from the private sphere. It also effectively uses the socialist
feminist view as a contrast to the radical feminist position. Paragraphing would have been very helpful in…

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feminism, to be `male identified'. Weaker responses to this question tended to provide only a generalised
understanding of the terms or failed to offer an explicit definition in either case, relying instead on a
discussion of their supposed implications for feminism. Only a very small number of responses seemed to…

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This answer provides clear defi nitions of both concepts, drawing out the contrasts. Having done this, it
moves on to the ideological consequences in terms of their vision of the ideal society, with relevant and
effective examples. This moves the answer to the top of Level 3. (14)

How and…

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celebrate or rejoice in. In successful cases, this led to an examination of the critique of gender equality
advanced by difference feminists in particular, with some, helpfully, considering also the ecofeminist version
of this critique. This was suported in some cases by an account to contrasts between androgny and

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This is an example for a very good response, which received 13 marks out of 15. It contains an account of
the concerns about `male identification', although the term does not feature. The prowoman stance and its
relationship to essentialism is also highlighted. The final paragraph contributes little to the…

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the strongest responses, however, was the importance of liberal individualism stress and its implications
discussed, notably the quest for formal equality and genderless `personhood'.

Explain the key features of socialist feminism. (JUNE 2012)
The key features of socialist feminism include the following:
Patriarchy can only be understood in the light…

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