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Channel 517
7th April 2011
Before Darwin!
People believed humans and the
earth were exactly as God had
created them therefore the bible
was regarded as the absolute
In the 16th century, Archbishop
The BIG Bang.. Ussher worked out date the earth
So Georges Lemaître came up with this theory for which there are two pieces of was created (6000 years old) and
evidence: how long ago Jesus died, he then
· the light coming other galaxies is redder than expected which means they're used family trees to work out the
moving away from us fast, which suggests the universe is expanding which also number of generations between
suggests it started from one small point. Jesus and Adam.
·Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation ­ discovers by Panzias and Wilson,
People also believed that God
they heard a hiss which is thought to be an echo from the sound of the big bang.
created fossils with the
Christian response to this theory: we have yet to prove God didn't create the Big appearance of age but at this
time, carbon dating as unheard of
so the idea was just accepted.…read more

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Worship Weekly
How does science challenge religion?
Darwin believed God gave some guidance for evolution to New Discovery from a late
happen because there must have some intelligence behind Scientist!
the whole idea ­ God created original life with the ability to Some documents from the late
adapt and change. scientist Johannes Kepler have just
been dug up. Not only did he discover
However.. The theory of evolution disputed the idea of God' that the planets move in an elliptical
s complete and perfect creation so Darwin's theory was a orbit around the sun, he also found
challenge to believe in God itself as it suggested we out the sun isn't exactly in the centre,
ourselves descended from apes. the sun is, in fact, at the edge of the
ellipsis, scientists are trying to work
Darwin's friend was forced to debate the theory with Bishop
why he kept this a secret..
Wilberforce and the result was that religion is in complete
opposition with science. Click the read more
Buddhist Blog ­ topic of the week: how did the world begin?
A major Buddhist belief is that creation occurs repeatedly throughout time, at the beginning of each Kapla (cycle) land forms
on the surface of water, in darkness. Spiritual beings from the previous Kapla of the universe are reborn, one of which takes
the form of man and starts the human race. Unhappiness and misery reigns which is what we are experiencing today.
Eventually, the universe dissolves so all living creatures return to soul life and the cycle repeats.…read more

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How had people's views about the
world changed after Darwin
published his book?
· the world has always · natural selection ­ best adapted to · nothing was designed to look like it
been a place of change. environment survive. does today.
· there is a struggle to · eg, polar bear has fur in a cold climate. · things must change in order to
survive amongst species. survive so the idea of design is
· species change its biology by adapting.
· where adaption fails, wrong.
they become extinct.
Best voted answer: main element to evolution ­ there are many varieties of animal.…read more

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Nicolaus Coperinicus Galileo Galilei
Discovered the earth Saw the moon wasn't
wasn't the centre of the a perfect sphere and
universe, the sun was. so challenged the
He said `light always church by saying that
goes in the middle for heaven can't be
the greatest effect'. perfect because the
moon isn't.
Tycho Brahe Sir Isaac Newton
He made the most Discovered gravity
detailed star charts when he saw the
and so made people apple fall from the
look to the starts for tree. He believed in
info. Gave God and so believed
astronomers he created the laws
accurate information. of nature.
Quote of the day ­ "how do we know God
didn't create the Big Bang?"…read more


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