Science and Religion exam-style questions

questions similar to those that could come up in the exam. AQA.

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Set of Questions

Q1. What is the Big Bang theory? (2 marks)

Q2. "evolution proves that God doesn't exist." what do you think? (3 marks)

Q3. Give two ways in which people's views changed during the cosmological revolution. (4 marks)

Q4. How did the cosmological revolution challenge the church? (3 marks)

Q5. "it is impossible the believe in both religious and scientific truth." Do you agree? Give your opinion showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. (6 marks)

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Possible answers

these answers aren't from any mark scheme, they're just the answers i wrote. sorry if there's bits missing - this is my difficult topic

Q1. the big bang theory is one of the main theories for the beginning of the universe, it states that the earth started by particles colliding. There are two pices of evidence:

  • planets redder than expected
  • cosmic microwave background radiation


  • God directed evolution
  • too complex to have happened by chance
  • element of design that God created animals with capacity for change

Q3. just describe the work of the two of the scientists from the cosmological revolution

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Q4. describe the work of Galileo and how it proved that heaven wasn't perfect because the moon wasn't perfect and at that time they believed the moon was in heaven.

Q5. disagree

  • big bang in science and religion relates - chance (scientists), caused by God (religious believers)
  • impossible for huge complex world to have happened from nothing so they must be related in some way - must have been some driving force (God) behind it all
  • relate to the idea of the design argument


  • parts of each contradict each other, eg., literal take on Genesis
  • coincidence (non-believers)

and that's all i've got :)

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Useful for revision!! :D Need the answers too :)



there you go :) hope they help, even though they're not from a mark scheme :) x

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