Marks Gospel Topic 1

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  • Topic 1: Background to the Gospel
    • Gospel means Good News. this is a good title because it shows us that Jesus is the son of God and if we believe we and have eternal life
    • Where did Mark get his info?
      • Primary Sources
        • He was Peters Bilographer
        • Marks Mother let the apostles gather in her house
        • directly from the holy spirit
        • he was the man who ran away naked
      • Secondary Sources
        • From an earlier gospel (Ur Markus)
        • copied Matthews Gospel
        • got it from his cousin Barnabus
    • John Mark
      • when? Rome 65-70AD
      • who for? Christian converts who were being prosecuted
      • why was it not written down? . Jesus died in 33AD     .there was no need - oral tradition
      • In what language? Why? Greek because it was the language of the empire
      • why was it written down? keep it alive- first followers were being killed off     avoid heresy - no false ideas     to help understand Jesus was the Son of GOD     to tell people the KOG was for all people
    • Christianity on the move
      • Why? the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus' ideas     . Jesus told the spostels to "go make deciples of all nations"
      • Where? to the centre of the empire where more people would hear the message, Rome
      • Jesus' message was very popular with women outcasts and slaves because he told them that God loved them with was a new idea
    • Calming of the Storm
      • Importance for Early Christians
        • showed them that Jesus was the Son of God (could control weather)     many followers were being persecuted for their faith and if they had faith god would save them and give them eternal life
      • Importance for Modern Christians
        • Jesus loves and cares about us and that God will look after us in times of trouble spiritually


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