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Exercise and Sports Physiology


Continuous Training

Steady state of sub-maximal work (running, cycling, swimming, rowing) for prolonged
periods (20-30mins plus).

Suited to long distance/endurance athletes, when the oxygen demands of the training are
met by the supply from the cardiovascular system.

The HR should be above…

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Exercise and Sports Physiology

Multi-gym Training

Multi-gym is a series specialised exercise machines that incorporate a range of resistance
exercises with adjustable weight stacks. Each exercise machine targets specific groups of
muscles. This is a sage training method and good for general strength.

Free Weights Training

Free weights…

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Exercise and Sports Physiology

Flexibility is maintained or improved by stretching. Types of stretching include:

Maintenance stretching is stretching as part of a warm up and cool down to help
maintain and individual's current RoM.
Developmental stretching involves whole or parts of training sessions devoted solely
to stretching,…


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