Book 4

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  • On Olympus, Zeus concedes that Menelaus won the dual with Paris. 
  • He asks the other Gods whether they should allow the two armies to resolve their differences peacefully, or whether they should stir up the fighting again.
  • Zeus accuses Hera and Athene of not helping the Greeks.
  • As, Aphrodite has rescued Paris.
  • This angers the goddesses, Athene remains silent. But Hera, berates Zeus for making all of her effort and planning into hurting the Trojans pointless. 
  • Zeus states that Hera is free to destroy Troy, as long as he is able to destroy one of her favourite cities, as Troy is his favourite.
  • Hera responds that Argos, Sparta and Mycene are her favourite cities, and that he is free to destroy one of them.
  • Hera admits that she is less powerful than Zeus, but argues that she deserves more respect than she’s given, as she is both Zeus’ sister and wife.
  • Hera then sends Athene down to Troy to break the truce.
  • Athene disguises herself as Laodokos and persuades Pandoros to shoot at Menelaus, convincing him that he would receive great glory if he were to kill one of the best Greek warriors. 
  • When the arrow flies, Athene saves Menelaus, brushing the arrow away from hitting his heart and redirecting it to his his leather belt.
  • Menelaus shudders after his near death experience, but Agamemnon is overwhelmed with shock and laments that his brother might die and buried in Troy. And he will have to return home with he shame of not having sacked Troy.
  • Menelaus assures him that he is fine, and they send for Machaon through Talthybios, the son of the healing god Asclepius, to bind his wound.
  • Since the truce has been broken, Agamemnon visits different Achaean leaders, praising or rebuking them as necessary. 
  • He vows to leave their bodies unburied once the warriors are dead, and take the Trojan women and children away as their prizes of war and slaves.
  • He first visits Idomeneus (leader of the Cretans), and praises his strength and character.
  • Idomeneus replies that he is loyal to Agamemnon.
  • Agamemnon then visits the two Aiantes, praising their good leadership over their men and wishes that all of his warriors have a good fighting spirit.
  • He then visits Nestor,


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