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Global Growth of Tourism ­ Revision
Worldwide tourism has grown a lot in the last 50years.…read more

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Event and specialist tourism
Event tourism Specialist tourism
This is all about encouraging tourists to This is when holidays are based on a particular
come to specific events (sporting, cultural interest or activity:
or historical): Wilderness holidays- to places like Alaska or
2005 Germany- Football world cup Antarctica, or to National Parks like Yosemite
meant 20 million extra tourists visited (USA) or Mount Fuji (Japan)
Germany Fair trade tourism- in South Africa an award is
2009 Scotland- `Homecoming' available for activities which help local
encouraged…read more

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National Parks and conflicts
National Parks are areas of outstanding natural beauty that are preserved and
protected against development by government law.…read more

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What are the conflicts in the Lake District?
More houses become holiday
homes means there are less
locals to sustain communities
and schools
Slow Air pollution
moving created by
caravans at visiting cars
peak times
Conflicts in rural
Towns have more damaged
tourist shops and by walkers
less shops for
locals Visitors buying
second homes
pushing up house
prices for locals
Who has conflict with who??? Can you add these to your concept
Young Old Lady map?
· brings congestion to…read more

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The aim of sustainable development is to use resources in a wiser, fairer and more
balanced way.
The quality of people's lives and the state of our communities is affected by a
combination of economic, social and environmental factors. These factors are
interlinked and it is important that our actions show positive benefits for all three,
not just for today, but for future generations as well.…read more

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Sustainable Tourism
Key Words and Definitions: Case Study ­ Lapa Rios, Costa Rica
An ecoresort in Costa Rica, blending in with the local
Sustainable: environment...…read more

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Things to do: rainwate
Canoeing, r
Whale Solar
watching, panels
Animal Trails, to create
and power
Tree Lapa s and
Houses Rios recycles
all waste
School Gives
trips to local
teach people
children Does not
damage jobs
wildlife…read more

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Costa Rica ­ Eco-tourism capital of the
world Power is sourced from solar panels so no cabling is
required. The buildings also don't use air conditioning
Because they are built to allow air to flow through.
More than 10% of the land in Costa Rica is
protected under a national park system
A further 17% is set aside as forest reserves , The indigenous community run the hotel,
`buffer zones', wildlife refuges and Indian meaning jobs and wealth are created
reserves.…read more


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