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Tourism Revision

Growth in Tourism

Honeypot site really popular areas

Tourism is growing because:
People have more disposable income (spare cash) so can afford to go on more holidays.
Companies give more paid holidays than they used to meaning they have more free time .
Travel has become cheaper (particularly…

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4) Terrorism and conflicts wars and terrorist threats mean people are less willing to visit
affected area eg. tourism fell after London bombings in 2005.
5) Major events big events can attract huge number of people. Eg. London Olympics
2012 attracted 698,000 oversea tourists.

Butler Model

1. Exploration : Small…

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materials for paths. E.g. at Tarn Hows eroded paths has been soiled and reseeded and the
main route has been gravelled to protect it.
3) PROTECTING WILDLIFE AND FARMLANDS signs to remind visotrs to take their litter
home and covered bins are provided at popular sites. There are campaigns to…

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A lot of the profit can go to big company's (leakage)


Tourism jobs are low paid and seasonal.
Traffic congestion can inconvenience locals
The behaviour of tourists can offend locals

Environmental Impacts

Transporting lots of people releases greenhouse cases that cause global warming.
Tourism can increase litter.
Tourism can…

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are 23 national parks in Kenya e.g.
Nairobi National Park. Tourists have to pay to get
in. Money can be used on protecting environment and wildlife.

Negative Impacts on Kenya
Only 15% of money earned from tourism goes to locals. The rest goes to big companies.


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Tree roots hold soil together, so deforestation also leads to soil erosion. If soil washes into
river it can cause flooding.
Volume of tourists causes footpath erosion, which can lead to landslides.
Toilets are poor or nonexistent, so rivers become polluted with sewage.

Tourism in Extreme Environments Case Study

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Benefits on the Economy.
1) Ecotourism creates jobs (e.g. guides or in tourist lodges).
2) Local people not employed in tourism can make money by selling crafts or food to visitors.

Benefits for local people
1) More stable incomes in tourism than jobs such as farming
2) Many ecotourism schemes…

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There are jewellery shops where tourists can buy locally made goods


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