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Sorry, if there is any spelling mistake as I have only done this the night before,  I was rushing :/ This is for Unit 3 in AQA geography, what I found most helpful is that you highlight it the night before your exam or the morning of your exam, anyways good luck all :) And I hope you find this useful x 

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Geography Revision

Tourism for the rich
The growth of the all inclusive package holiday in the 1950s and 1960s
opened up the possibility of cheap foreign holidays for millions of people.
Technological developments brought down the cost of flights so that even
longhaul journeys, such as those to Caribbean countries…

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Films and books are one particular reason that there is an encouraging
increasing numbers of people to visit the area.
Cheap shorthaul flights made the resorts of Spain, Italy and Greece much
easier to reach.
Holiday companies began to offer package holiday to the rapidly growing
holiday resorts with their…

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shop around. You can choose different elements of your holiday from
different providers.
Disadvantages (via the Internet) ­ you don't have protection if something
goes wrong, you will have to fight your own case. Flight prices rise as you
approach the departure date.
The impact of technology on the travel…

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Case Study ­ Antarctica
It is increasing for tourism.
About 40,000 visitors go to Antarctic each year.
All tour companies and visitors are expected in a safe and
environmentally friendly way to act.
Tourism is an approved activity within the Antarctica treaty.
Tourists go to see the environment and wildlife,…

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Increased awareness of cultural differences.
Narrow the poverty gap. (Poor get richer)

Key Terms
Infrastructure ­ basic network such as transport, power supplies and
Heritage Tourism ­ visiting historical aspects of a country.
European City of culture ­ a city designated by the European Union for
one year.


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recession and due to the action of the destination country. This is called a
boycott. Natural disasters and terrorism also affect tourism number.
Increased tourism means ­ increased taxes for governments to spend of
improving social and economic conditions. More money to spend on
More people working in tourism…

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houses in the area they visit and prices rise beyond what local people can
In some area electricity and water are limited and are supplied to holiday
resorts first. Local people have to cope with an irregular or rationed
Other infrastructure cannot keep up with the demand from…

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National Parks
National Parks are areas of natural beauty, which have been identified
and are now protected. The first national park was found in 1951 and they
are still being identified today.
National Parks are not own by the nations but by the people who live and
work in them.…

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Surface erosion on heavily used footpaths. Some of the most used
footpaths have now been surfaced to combat the problem.
Litter is a constant problem, reduces the appeal of the area and
increases the risk of harm to animals and wildlife.
Problems for farmers and landowners include: trespass, damage to…

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Community tourism ­ tourism that has close contact with and mainly
benefits, local communities.
Conflicts ­ the result of contrasting demands between people.
Honeypot ­ a place of attractive scenery or historic interest that attracts
large numbers of visitors.
National Parks ­ areas set aside to protect the landscape so…


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