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Why is tourism a growing
People have more holidays that are
getting longer as:
People have more disposable income
Companies give more paid holidays
Travel has become cheaper
Holiday providers use the internet to
sell their products which makes them
cheaper…read more

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Why are some areas becoming
more popular?
Improvements in transport make it
quicker and easier to get to places
Countries in more unusual
destinations have got better at
marketing themselves
Many countries have invested in
infrastructure for tourism.
Cities, mountains and coasts are
popular tourist destinations…read more

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Why is tourism so important?
Creates many jobs
Increases income of businesses that
supply to tourism industry (which
helps economies to grow)
Poor countries benefit hugely from
tourism (as it contributes a lot to the
economy)…read more

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Tourism in the UK economy
32 million visitors to Britain in 2008
It is popular for the countryside and
historic landmarks and
London is partially popular for its
museums, theatres and shopping
In 2007 tourism contributed £114
billion to the economy and created
1.4 million jobs…read more

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Factors that affect tourism in the
Internal Factors External Factors
Weather Terrorism/Co
Major events nflict
Exchange rate Natural
economy…read more

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