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The Growth of Tourism

Types of tourist destinations
Example Comment

Tourist enclave Cancun, Mexico Separate from local community. Largely self-contained

Resort Bournemouth, UK Integrated seaside resort that is diversifying away from beach

Holiday village Center Parcs, Elveden, UK Purpose-built village with range facilities and entertainment.
Designed for families


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Reasons for growth
Economic Social Political

- Increased leisure time and - Increased psychological need to - LEDCs see it as a means to
longer paid holidays `escape' develop ­ income earner

- Cheaper and faster types of - Increased desire to experience - Government investment in
transport different culture…

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What are the social, economic and environmental issues associated with the growth of
Tourism brings both opportunities and problems for people and the environment.

Benefits of tourism
Environmental Economic Social

- Encourages conservation e.g. - Creation of employment - Improved education to meet
National parks needs of tourists

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Butler Model

How can tourism be managed to ensure



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Can tourism ever be fully sustainable?


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