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The Growth of Tourism
Types of tourist destinations
Example Comment
Tourist enclave Cancun, Mexico Separate from local community. Largely self-contained
Resort Bournemouth, UK Integrated seaside resort that is diversifying away from beach
Holiday village Center Parcs, Elveden, UK Purpose-built village with range facilities and entertainment.
Designed for families
City break Prague, Czech Republic Became a favourite for stag/hen nights as cheap but now trying to
move up market
Dark tourism Somme in France (WW1 Increasing in popularity due to history
Sex tourism Philippines Visitors from countries that have repressive laws on sexual relations
Cultural tourism Bangkok, Thailand Trying to attract tourism for the temples, palaces and other cultural
Nomadic Caribbean cruising Live on the ship (removed from local culture) but visit a new
tourism destination every day

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Reasons for growth
Economic Social Political
- Increased leisure time and - Increased psychological need to - LEDCs see it as a means to
longer paid holidays `escape' develop ­ income earner
- Cheaper and faster types of - Increased desire to experience - Government investment in
transport different culture tourism, infrastructure, etc
- Active marketing by resorts - Better quality of life, more - Removal of restrictions on and
and travel firms expectations barriers to travel
- More disposable income - Increased education about…read more

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What are the social, economic and environmental issues associated with the growth of
Tourism brings both opportunities and problems for people and the environment.
Benefits of tourism
Environmental Economic Social
- Encourages conservation e.g.…read more

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Butler Model
How can tourism be managed to ensure
Ecotourism…read more

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Can tourism ever be fully sustainable?…read more


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