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Notes on Human geography using the jane dove textbook


Characteristics Of urban Areas Key words

Urban - the distonctive characteristics of towns and cities - their size, density and ways of life.

Rural - the character of country areas and the activities and lifestyles encountered in such areas.

Urbanisation - the rise in the proportion of a population living in urban areas.

Percentage Urban - the proportion of a population living in urban areas.

Rural-urban migration - movement of people from the countrysid into towns and cities.

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Characteristics of urban areas

Enviroment -

  • Exclusion of the natural world
  • Dominance of buildings and transport networks
  • Pace of living
  • Pollution and congestion

Economy -

  • Employment in secondary, tertiary and quaternary sectors
  • provision of commercial and social services for local residents.

People - 

  • High population densities
  • raised stress levels
  • diversity in age, wealth and ethniity
  • distinctive lifestyles, behaviour and values.
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Types of Urban Change

Rural-urban shift - shift in where the majority of the worlds population live and work, the growth into urban.

MEDC-LEDC shift- fastest rates of urbinisation happen in LEDCs 

The shift in Size- More urban population giving rise to larger urban areas.

Mega city - a city or urban agglomeration with a population of 10 million or more inhabitants.

World City - One of the worlds leading cities

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Holly Doorey


Brief notes, they may not be understood as im rushing them a bit as its so close to exams im skipping out detail . They're about what defines an urban area and urban change types.

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