To what extent is feminism compatible with other ideologies?

A2- Government and Politics

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Shannon Maree Jenkins

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Shannon Maree Jenkins
To what extent is feminism compatible with other
political ideologies?
Feminism has appeared to have drawn on different ideological strands,
most notably Liberalism and Socialism. Quite often, the women's
movement has been linked to the other movements of the time, such as
liberal feminism and the period of the Enlightenment. However, radical
feminism, which gained momentum in the 1960s after the publication of
Betty Friedan's `The Feminine Mystique' in 1963, doesn't appear to be
compatible with any pre-existing primary political ideologies.…read more

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Shannon Maree Jenkins
fluctuates, causing increased demands for labour during economic
booms and then reduced labour needs during economic downturns.
Marxists used this concept to demonstrate the oppression of the
proletariat; however, Socialist Feminists have adapted the concept to
explain gender disparity in society. Firstly in the public sphere, women
are, despite equality laws, still paid on average less than men even
when performing the same job, and are more concentrated in part-time,
low-security positions.…read more

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Shannon Maree Jenkins
established with difference feminism; both stress that gender
differences are, to an extent, natural. Difference feminists believe that
women should celebrate their femininity and stop trying to achieve
parity with men in the same way. This is linked to Conservatism as the
ideology has stressed that women play an extremely vital role within
the home that is of equal importance to the role men play in the public
sphere- in the world of work.…read more


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