To what extent is feminism compatible with other political ideologies?

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  • To what extent is feminism compatible with other political ideologies?
    • Conservatism
      • Organic society, gender division between 'public man' and 'private woman' is desirable
      • Extoll the nuclear family, which many feminists wish to abolish
      • NR NC link feminism to family breakdown and juvenile delinquency
      • BUT: could have 'equal but different' feminism
        • And the NR NL idea of eq of op and meritocracy
    • Socialism
      • 'bourgeois family'
      • Reserve army of labour
      • Serves economic interests of capitalism
      • Patriarchy and capitalism interlocking
      • Social revolution, overthrow of capitalism
      • Subordination of women originates in private property, passing on to biological son
      • Modern SF would want woman to be paid for domestic duties
      • Juliet Mitchel: society had reduced women to sexual objects, unpaid labourers and reproducers
    • Liberalism
      • First wave feminism liberal
        • Suffrage (Mill) and education (Wollstonecraft)
        • Wollstonecraft 'they are human beings'
      • All rational, self-seeking indv
        • Genderless 'personhood', gender is secondary
      • Champion formal equality in public sphere, gender should have no influence on a person's potential
        • Judged on the content of their character, talent etc
        • Although disagree with radical idea that 'the personal is the political' as private sphere should remain realm of freedom and autonomy, dangerous to politicise it
          • Women should be free to choose domestic duties if they want
            • Liberal idea of tolerance, however, they do not extend this tolerance to practices such as FGM and forced marriage
            • Betty Friedman 'the feminine mystique'
    • Radical Feminists
      • Rejects all mainstream political thought
      • Gender is deepest social cleavage
      • Liberal only seeks to reform in public sphere
      • Socialism too focused on the class war not the sex war
      • Need sexual revolution to overthrow strucutres of personal and political life
        • Family responsible for women's subordination
          • Socialisation
      • R preaches sisterhood over individualism
    • Anarchism
      • False conciousness
      • De Beauvoir
        • Theory of 'otherness'
          • Due to biology, woman seen to be inferior in all aspects of life, in men's eyes and also their own (internalized misogyny)
      • Patriarchy is the result of involuntary coercive hierarchy
      • Susan L. Brown 'as anarchism is a political philosophy that opposes all relationships of power, it is inherently feminist'
    • Post-Modern Feminism
      • The others ignore myriad of issues that have a role in the subjugation of women
      • Intersectional Feminism: Race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, infertility


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