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population and resources

the population and resource relationship
optimum population
the ideal population size for the wealth of a country and the quality of life for its
if it is achieved then income per head and quality of life at at maximum levels for
that countries resources.
it is…

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population and resources

advancements in agriculture that allow resources to be produced well above his
mathematical predictions.
evidence for malthusian views
famine: large famines in sub-saharan africa in the 1980's onwards,india 1960's,
china 1950's
environmental issues: increased pollution, climate change, loss of biodiversity,
deforestation, desertification all caused by an increase…

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population and resources

foreign investment providing there are enough jobs present as well as a stable

case study for malthusian views
easter island
Easter island is the world's most isolated inhabited piece of land and was settled in
400 AD. there were large amounts of natural resources available such…

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population and resources

more than one crop and also increasing the numbers of jobs involved in
technology and industry. these improvements in technology have also helped to
increase the efficiency of the agricultural economy.
GIS predictions have allowed mauritius to see how certain factors will affect
other factors such as…


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