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Global issues revision

Population and resource relationship

Optimum population

The ideal size for the wealth of a country and quality of life for its inhabitants.
Hard to establish as it changes overtime and in reality countries trade resources
so aren't self reliant.

Under population

A country has fewer resources to…

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Global issues revision

Resource optimist's beliefs

Either population growth will slow before limits of resources are reached or
humans will solve resource problems when they arise. Technological advancements
allow humans to cope with increasing population and that we can adapt to this. A
increase in population leads to increase in…

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Global issues revision

trade leading to exploitation of resources. However, it has shown that technology
and human adaptation has given a solution to overpopulation recently.

Case study for resource optimists beliefs: Mauritius- solving problems of
resources pressure

Mainly agricultural economy of 1 main crop of sugar and little outside trade…


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