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Joe Phoenix

The Moral Natural law of Thomas Aquinas
3 points

1. Humans have an essential God given rational nature to live and flourish

2. Even without knowledge of God, reason can discover these laws

3. Natural laws are universal and unchanging and should be used to judge the laws…

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Joe Phoenix

N.L is not so much theory or way of making moral decisions ­ more was of stressing that our
nature is knowable and need to use reason to understand it

Primary Precepts (Absolutist)

Aquinas P.P are always true, applies to everyone as direct `reflection' of Gods eternal law…

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Joe Phoenix

The Doctrine of Double Effect

Lesser of two evils.

Thomas Aquinas is credited with introducing the principle of double effect in his discussion of
the permissibility of self-defence in the Summa Theologica.

Killing someone is justified, he argues, provided one does not intend to kill him. Aquinas

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Joe Phoenix

Morality in conclusion,
Real good, primary precepts etc


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